Amethyst Crystal Properties

Amethyst crystal has many magick properties like healing, protection and strength.

Amethyst is an amazing stone that purifies, cleanses and renews both body and spirit.

Amethyst crystal is a mental healer, as it stimulates and soothes the nervous system. It stimulates the nervous system by boosting the memory and soothes by balancing emotions.

Amethyst is associated with courage, strength and stability.

Amethyst crystal emits calm vibrations, therefore, it is very useful to treat anxiety and depression. An Amethyst crystal amulet can be used to tackle confusion or fear and to bring peace and clarity.

Amethyst relieves the stress of everyday life. It is a very good stone for meditation, especially for spiritual matters, like death or rebirth. An Amethyst crystal amulet helps with happiness, forgiveness and tolerance and it is used to combat grief, anger, guilt, fear, impatience.

Amethyst is a protection stone also. It protects against bad energies and psychic attacks, especially baneful spells. It is a good amulet for travelers to protect against thieves.

Amethyst protects against addictions or destructive behaviors, therefore it can help to combat alcoholism, drug or food addictions and other bad habits. An Amethyst crystal amulet will help banish obsessive/compulsive behaviors like bulge eating or even jealousy, so it will help with weight loss and with mellowing extreme emotions.

For body healing, Amethyst strengthen the immune system and endocrine glands, helps the digestive track, heart, stomach, skin, bones, eyes, hair, heals insomnia, promotes recovery after illness, stabilizes blood pressure, helps with anemia, headaches, mental disorders.

Amethyst is associated with the 6th chackra (third eye chackra), sharpens the mind and promotes good judgement.

In magick practice, Amethyst is used for spells for healing, money and love.