• recycled canvas

    Mother Nature Mixed Media Canvas Art – part 1

    Hi guys! Today I want to share with you my latest project: Mixed Media Canvas. Like many other artists, I love creating a lot of things, so I play with all types of media and techniques. My main hobby is wire sculpture, but I love playing with paint too. This time I want to make something new. New year, new project! This is what I want to do: a mixed media canvas. It will be a very interesting project for all of us. For you guys, because you will witness the amazing process of creation. For me, because I have just a vague idea of what am I about to…

  • Gaia mixed media

    Mother Nature Mixed Media Canvas Art

    I recently finished my mixed media canvas art Mother Nature. I did a work-in-progress blog, mostly pictures, and I published it on another platform that I love, Steemit. It is a crypto-currency platform, it sounds complicated, but it is not. I met a lot of talented people there and I enjoy sharing my tutorials and projects there. This post is the introduction to my picture tutorial; I will split the tutorial in shorter steps, easier to follow. As you can see in the slideshow, there are many steps involved. I hope someone will get inspired and come up with something similar. That would make me very happy, as I strongly…

  • my art studio
    Jewelry Design

    My Life as a Wire Artist and Jewelry Maker

    This is where all begins: my little studio in Jersey City, New Jersey. I used to work mostly in the Caribbean, but after hurricanes (two years ago), I moved up here. My studio is full of boxes, wires, beads, glue, tools… also dreams, many dreams. All my dreams are woven into the wire. I let my imagination go wild and I follow the wire. That’s how things come alive. It’s so much fun! I constantly change my designs, they are never the same, that is why I always say that my pieces can not be replicated 100%. My first tree of life pendant came like this. I liked the free-form…

  • Gaia Earth Goddess
    Wire Art

    Gaia, Earth Goddess Wire Art

    Today I would like to introduce my latest wire art, which is a large wall decor piece, 25″x25″. It is my own vision of Mother Nature, Gaia, the Earth Goddess. It took a while to finish it, 6 month or so, because I worked only when I had spare time and inspiration. My art pieces are all free-form, no drafts or drawings, I basically go with the flow. Here is the final piece, hanging on my wall. … and a close-up, to check those details… I remember the first steps. I started with a head… experimenting the wire twisting technique. I had no idea what will come out of that…

  • My Dragoneye Bracelet
    Handmade Jewelry

    Dragon-eye Cuff Bracelet

    This is my dragon-eye cuff bracelet. I was planning to write a tutorial… but who was I kidding? Look at this bracelet!!!! Do you think that it is possible to write a SHORT tutorial???? I don’t think so. It would be 100’s pages long 🙂 Many steps are involved in this project… I doubt I can replicate the whole process… that is why my wire wrapped pieces are all different. 🙂 I can’t even take a good picture of this amazing bracelet. I want to show its fully three-dimensional body. I think this pic is OK, I am using my dragon burner as a prop. I hope you like it.…