Recycled/Upcycled Art – How to Make Magnets from Soda Cans

I love to recycle/upcycle, as much as possible. In this article I will show you how I am using soda cans to create beautiful fridge magnets. Enjoy!

Ok… this is the magnet I made recently. The final product looks like this:

lizard magnet

… a cute lizard…

These are the parts that form my magnet: a frame, a magnet and the foil.

lizard magnets parts

The frame is one of those ‘wedding favor’ frames, you can buy them in bulk online. The magnet? You buy in self-adhesive sheets. Measure, cut and glue the magnet on the back of the frame.

lizard magnets foil

The aluminum foil is the center of attraction. This particular one came from a Sprite soda can. Cut the can carefully with scissors, you will get a rectangle. Measure to fit the frame.

work in progress

Now the fun part begins!

Draw the lizard on a piece of paper, cut it out and place the lizard on the colorful part of the soda foil. Draw the contour with marker. Then use an embossing tool or just a wooden stick or pencil (not very sharp), and press gently inside the contour, until you see the lizard taking shape on the other side. This is the basic embossing method.

Once the lizard is ready, pour some glue and let it set. I like to used a glue gun with hot glue because it cools fast.

Once the glue is set, you are sure that the lizard will always stay in place 😉

Now you can decorate your lizard with some little paintings, like flowers. I use nail polish, it works best for tin foil! I also like to emboss the flowers, just a little, to add some more dimension.

So here you have it. Cool project, try it!

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Wire Art – Palm Tree Wall Decor

palm tree wire art

Wall Decor, 18″ x 24″ x 2″. As per these dimensions, you can see that this is a not a flat piece, it raises about 2″ from the surface. It is very hard to take a good picture of it, I tried with two different backgrounds, still doesn’t make justice. 🙂

Anyway… like any other artist out there, I am inspired by Mother Nature. Palm trees always fascinated me. Here is a beautiful photo of a majestic palm-tree I took in the Caribbean.

palm tree

… let’s go back to my wire art 🙂

My wire palm tree is a very happy tree. This is the message I am sending through this piece of art: happiness. My palm tree is dancing! Dance is a form of happiness, don’t you agree? Look how the bottom branches touch the trunk of the tree. It is a dancer pose! The tree is sliding its trunk to the left and to the right, like a belly dancer!

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Wire Art – Rasta Woman Wall Decor

When I lived in St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands, I was surrounded by beautiful people with long dreadlocks. Most of them were practicing Rastafarianism, which is a strong religion in the Caribbean. I made a lot of friends and of course I got inspired by them. This wall decor is my interpretation of Dorothy, a beautiful, witty and very courageous women, whom I had the pleasure to meet there.

rasta woman

Dimensions 18″x22″. I used galvanized wire and a few wooden beads, to emphasize the Rastafarian liberation colors. I started with a frame, again free form, I never draw anything on the paper! I let the wire talk to me 🙂 Then I filled in with thinner gauge wire. Here are some more detailed pictures.

work in progress

So… let me tell you the story…

This piece was made in St. Thomas. 100%. I took it with me in New Jersey and displayed it in my gallery here. I also advertise my art pieces online. The funny part of this story is that this piece was purchased ONLINE by an art collector who lives in St. Thomas! How weird is that? Or maybe how cool is that? My Rasta Woman went back home! St. Thomas IS her home. What do you guys think?????

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Wire Art – Lionfish

I’ve been asked recently about my Lionfish Mobile Ornament source of inspiration.



Here is the story:

Lionfish is a destructive fish. It has poisonous fins, it hurts badly if it stings, it eats other fish and their eggs, especially lobster eggs, so it is a threat for the environment if spread out of control.

I once saw one Lionfish caught in a fisherman’s net in St. Thomas, USVI. I did not have a camera handy to take pics. But my brain certainly photographed the creature. It was as big as my fist, with long, beautiful, colorful fins. It was moving like crazy. My feelings were so strong, I was looking at a rebel 🙂 I immediately associated the Lionfish image with a punk teenager, angry at the whole world.

That image stayed in my head for a while. I stored it naturally. And one day I made her with seed beads and wire.

Wire Art – Fish Ornaments

Water is my element. Besides all, I was born in Cancer Horoscope, so it makes sense. 🙂
I am naturally inclined to arts and obviously inspired by water. The result is that Marine life totally fascinates me. Although I am not brave enough to snorkel and observe life in person, my imagination goes wild ALL THE TIME.

I created many figurines like mermaids, fish, octopus, jelly fish, turtles… you name it. People hang them by the curtain rods, ceiling fans, lamps or even in Christmas Trees.

In this post I would like to show off some of my fish ornaments.

This is my interpretation of Nemo, approx. 12″ long. I used wire and seed beads (hundreds, if not thousands).

Nemo Wire Art

This cutie is Spikey. There are many lion fish specimens in Caribbean waters, that’s my inspiration.


And these little golden creatures are having a party 🙂

fish party

Hope you liked my creations. We call them Mobile Ornaments here, in US. They look awesome by the windows!