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Bridal Tree of Life Pendant

This is a new Tree of Life Pendant that I just made. I recently wrote a tutorial on how to make tree of life pendants with crystal chips, if you missed it, you can read it here <<<

In this new pendant I used the exact method of wiring and beading… with a little more imagination. I used fresh water pearls instead of rose quartz crystals, and I made a frame by hand, instead of using a store bought bangle.


Pearl symbolizes wisdom, offers protection and security.

Freshwater pearl has calming effects and helps to balance your aura.

Pearl symbolizes loyalty and dedication, that is why pearl jewelry is number one choice for brides!


This post is published partially on my other social media platforms, as I strongly believe that art means nothing if it is not shared. To read it on Steemit >>> Click Here

I am running an online shop and I might have similar pendants available for sale. Kindly visit my Etsy shop if interested: Magick Stone Shop

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