How to Make Simple Charms

In this photo tutorial I will show you how to make simple charms or pendants.

Here are the charms, aren’t they cute? I used rose quarts nuggets, that’s what I had handy in my jewelry supplies box today. I like rose quartz, it is the crystal of LOVE πŸ™‚

simple charms

Here is what you need:

  • stones or crystals (or anything that can be hung, preferably top drilled)
  • wire, I used artistic wire 22 gauge
  • assorted pliers

materials needed

First steps, please follow the numbered pictures. Cut the wire, you need approx 5″ to work with. Bend the wire and wrap as shown.

how to make simple charms

Last steps, please follow the pictures. Cut extra wire and continue wrapping the bail. Tuck in the ends by putting pressure with the pliers. You don’t want any wires to stick out!


That’s it, you got it!
You can use any stones or crystals you like, silver, gold or copper wire, be creative and have fun!

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How to Make an Eye Pendant

In this post I will show you how to make an ORB. It is basically a cabochon eye, wrapped with wire and made it in a pendant. This is our finished piece of jewelry.

eye orbWhat you need:
– 24 gauge artistic wire (silver color copper wire)
– 2″ bangle or any other already made circular frame
– flush cutter and a set of pliers
– eye cabochon from any craft store

wire wrap eye

Step 1 – Cut 8 pieces of wire, 24″ long and fold them in half.
Step 2 – Attach the wires to the bangle, using 3 loops, as shown. Try to place them symmetrically. You will have 16 pieces of lose wires.
Step 3 – Twist every two of them together. You will have 8 bunches of wires now.
Step 4 – Twist again every two of them together. You will have 4 bunches of wires now.

step 3

Step 5 – Bring together all the wires, as shown. Be gentle. You will have a thick bunch of wires now.

step 5

Step 6 – Start wrapping the eye.
This is when the fun begins and your creativity kicks in. I can not suggest every move and twist, as it is up to you to play with the wire. As shown in the picture below, you place the eye in the middle of the bunch of wires and gently bring each wire on top of the eye and slide it on the other side of the pendant. My tip here is to use wires from opposite sites, so the eye will stay put from the beginning. Once you cover the eye with all 16 wires, turn the pendant and tuck in the wires on the back of the eye cabochon. The last picture shows you how it looks. Don’t worry, it looks a little messy at the beginning, but you will press the wires and they will look neat.

step 6

Ok…. so now the eye is secured, that means it doesn’t move πŸ™‚
Gently push the wires from the surface of the eye, to the sides. Try to make a cute design. Flip the pendant and do the same thing on the back. Be patient, it will come around!

Step 7 – Start wrapping the frame.
This is the last step. Wrap the frame all around. Use strings of wires about 20″ long, it is easier. When you need a new string, just make the loop! Wire is a very forgiving material. In the picture below I show how I made a bail, just by continuing wrapping another inch and then twisting and attaching it to the frame.

TIP – when cutting wires, do it very close to the base and use pliers to tuck the ends in. This way the pendant will not scratch the skin.

step 7

That’s it! 7 steps to make a very unique pendant. Add a chain or a cord and wear it in good health. This is a very cool pendant, you will get lots of compliments and it will remind you of your inner spiritual self, because:


eye orb pendant

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Green Aventurine Tree of Life Pendant

green aventurine pendants

Aventurine is a translucent form of quartz that comes in various colors. Green Aventurine is known as a lucky stone and it is also called the β€œStone of Opportunity.”

Green Aventurine has a positive energy, so it is a great boost of chances in any situation. People like to wear a specimen in their pocket for bringing luck and prosperity.

Green Aventurine carries a strong connection to Mother Earth and increases the appreciation of nature.

Green Aventurine brings out this hope, that is why I decided to make a Tree of Life with small natural chips.

Initially, I was thinking to make just a small ornament, but I realized that my green aventurine chips that I had in my jewelry supplies box are of great quality, so I changed my mind: I will make a piece of jewelry. And one piece turned out to be two pieces… I loved making them!

tree of life pendant

I attached the pendants on long chains, they look awesome. My daughter already grabbed one πŸ™‚

Ohhhh… talking about trees and green aventurine… look what I made last year!

tree ornament

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Amethyst Nugget Wire Wrapped Pendant

Amethyst nugget

Amethyst is a meditation stone, especially on spiritual matters. It increases the psychic abilities, heightens intuition and sharpens the mind. It brings focus, flexibility and openness. It is a stone associated with courage, strength and stability. Amethyst is also a protection stone. It protects against bad energies, psychic attacks, addiction or destructive behaviors. All these qualities make Amethysts a wonderful stone for healing, money and love spells.

This lovely Amethyst tumbled nugget is 1 1/2” x 1”, wrapped with silver color copper wire. The overall length of the pendant is 2”. Complimentary silicone cord. The pendant can be worn on any cord or chain, as it has a large bail. The stone is cleansed, charged and activated. The stone is a natural nugget, untreated, drilled and tumbled. The purplish color might look different on various computer screen.

This pendant is sold out, but there are many more for sale in my MagickStone shop.

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