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    Jewelry Making – Memory Wire

    My specialty is wire wrapping, I am a free-form type of designer. However, when you make jewelry for living, you must know many other techniques. I constantly experiment and learn. I break a lot before I make something. 😊 Today I was playing with memory wire. Honestly, I use this wire mostly for hoop earrings and simple coil bracelets, beach style. My problem is that I tend to like elaborate and complicated pieces. So today I ‘complicated’ a regular cuff bracelet design to the point that I spent all my morning on it. And when I finished and was ready to go out for my daily walk, it started to…

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    Wooden Beads Galore!

    I love to work with wooden beads. I buy wholesale wooden beads from a supplier who is telling me that they are echo-friendly, made from fast growing, planted trees. Also, they are painted with natural dyes. My imagination is always at work. Besides making lots of jewelry with these beautiful and colorful beads, I make wall decor and dream-catchers. Below are some of my creations. Wooden beads jewelry are very popular in the Caribbean, where everybody hangs out at the beach. Light weight and comfortable, they add glamour to any outfit. This is a large wall decor, mix media: wooden beads, crystals, fabric and of course, wire, my friend! ……

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    How to Make a Rose Quartz Bangle Bracelet

    Rose Quartz is the love stone. With its lovely soft pink color, rose quartz makes a great material in jewelry making. Not to mention its magical properties of attracting love. Today I want to share one of my rose quartz cuff bracelets I made recently. I love cuffs, especially the wide ones. The only problem was that they never stay in place, so I came up with a locking solution, which works perfectly for me. Check it out! … So this is my Rose Quart bracelet, the finished product. You need to make a few separate parts and then assemble them together. Like building blocks! You are an architect, no…

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    Jewelry Designs – Wire Crochet

    I love playing with wire. Wire is my friend. I always say that. In this post I would like to show off my wire crochet jewelry. I use artistic wire, which is silver color copper wire, very malleable and artist-friendly. It doesn’t tarnish very fast, and when it does, it looks yellowish, like an antique piece, not black, like other ordinary metals. This silver color copper wire reminds me of white gold… it becomes yellowish when it ages… Simple, elegant cuff bracelet with a sliding clasp. Cuff Bracelet with green Swarovski bicone Crystals. Earrings with Swarovski crystals drops. Goldplated Post Earrings with Swarovski crystals drops. This post was published on…

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    My Life as a Wire Artist and Jewelry Maker

    This is where all begins: my little studio in Jersey City, New Jersey. I used to work mostly in the Caribbean, but after hurricanes (two years ago), I moved up here. My studio is full of boxes, wires, beads, glue, tools… also dreams, many dreams. All my dreams are woven into the wire. I let my imagination go wild and I follow the wire. That’s how things come alive. It’s so much fun! I constantly change my designs, they are never the same, that is why I always say that my pieces can not be replicated 100%. My first tree of life pendant came like this. I liked the free-form…