• owl wire art
    Wire Art

    Wire Art – Owl Wall Decor

    Owls are birds of the night. They are often seen as mysterious, because humans have always found night to be full of mystery and the unknown. Night and darkness usually include magic and mystery. Night is also associated with the moon, so owls are connected to Moon Goddess, becoming a symbol of fertility (related to moon’s cycles of renewal). Through folklore, we associate owls with wisdom. Besides the intellectual wisdom, owls are also connected with the wisdom of the soul. There are myths and legends from all over the world, from the Americas to the Far East that connect owl to wisdom and femininity. The owl was a symbol for…

  • recycled wire art
    Recycled Art,  Wire Art

    Recycle Metal Art & Steampunk Sculptures

    I came across some photos that I took in New York City, in Bryant Park, Winter Village, in Nov. 2018. Here is a part of the post I wrote in a blog at that time, on Steemit.com platform, one of my favorite blogging platforms. Winter Village this year is filled with charming little shops that sell all kind of things, one more interesting than another. Tourists and non-tourists pass by and shop every day, all day long. The most interesting shop for me is the Metal Park shop. That is because I am a wire sculpture artist myself. I am not the only curious one, people are lining up to…

  • Gaia Earth Goddess
    Mixed Media,  Wire Art

    Gaia, Earth Goddess Wire Art

    Today I would like to introduce my latest wire art, which is a large wall decor piece, 25″x25″. It is my own vision of Mother Nature, Gaia, the Earth Goddess. It took a while to finish it, 6 month or so, because I worked only when I had spare time and inspiration. My art pieces are all free-form, no drafts or drawings, I basically go with the flow. Here is the final piece, hanging on my wall. … and a close-up, to check those details… I remember the first steps. I started with a head… experimenting the wire twisting technique. I had no idea what will come out of that…

  • wire art palm tree
    Wire Art

    Wire Art – Palm Tree Wall Decor

    Wall Decor, 18″ x 24″ x 2″. As per these dimensions, you can see that this is a not a flat piece, it raises about 2″ from the surface. It is very hard to take a good picture of it, I tried with two different backgrounds, still doesn’t make justice. 🙂 Anyway… like any other artist out there, I am inspired by Mother Nature. Palm trees always fascinated me. Here is a beautiful photo of a majestic palm-tree I took in the Caribbean. … let’s go back to my wire art 🙂 My wire palm tree is a very happy tree. This is the message I am sending through this…

  • wire art rasta woman
    Wire Art

    Wire Art – Rasta Woman Wall Decor

    When I lived in St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands, I was surrounded by beautiful people with long dreadlocks. Most of them were practicing Rastafarianism, which is a strong religion in the Caribbean. I made a lot of friends and of course I got inspired by them. This wall decor is my interpretation of Dorothy, a beautiful, witty and very courageous women, whom I had the pleasure to meet there. Dimensions 18″x22″. I used galvanized wire and a few wooden beads, to emphasize the Rastafarian liberation colors. I started with a frame, again free form, I never draw anything on the paper! I let the wire talk to me 🙂 Then…