Gaia Earth Goddess
Mixed Media,  Wire Art

Gaia, Earth Goddess Wire Art

Today I would like to introduce my latest wire art, which is a large wall decor piece, 25″x25″.

Gaia Mother Nature

It is my own vision of Mother Nature, Gaia, the Earth Goddess. It took a while to finish it, 6 month or so, because I worked only when I had spare time and inspiration. My art pieces are all free-form, no drafts or drawings, I basically go with the flow. Here is the final piece, hanging on my wall.

… and a close-up, to check those details…

details wire sculpture

I remember the first steps. I started with a head… experimenting the wire twisting technique. I had no idea what will come out of that head.

wire art

Then I started to build frames and wrap them with beads.

wire art details

… and kept adding beads, and beads, and beads…

wall decor wire art

Now SHE is ready. Gaia, the Earth Goddess, a beautiful piece of art that reigns in my art studio. Displayed high on a green wall, she dominates the whole area and makes anyone reflect on life and the greatness of nature.

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