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How to Make a Rose Quartz Bangle Bracelet

Rose Quartz is the love stone. With its lovely soft pink color, rose quartz makes a great material in jewelry making. Not to mention its magical properties of attracting love.

Today I want to share one of my rose quartz cuff bracelets I made recently. I love cuffs, especially the wide ones. The only problem was that they never stay in place, so I came up with a locking solution, which works perfectly for me. Check it out!

… So this is my Rose Quart bracelet, the finished product.

You need to make a few separate parts and then assemble them together. Like building blocks! You are an architect, no matter what you design. Right? So here are the parts that I already made. I measured everything and I used various gauges of copper wire.

The center part is the main important one, where you get creative. I used small rose quartz chips and thin copper wire to make the band. It looks like a crystal chips ribbon, I am satisfied with the look.

Now I align all of the parts and connect them with wire.

Here is the back of my bracelet. It will fit my wrist properly and I will never lose it!

I made a collage to show the bracelet from different views. Hope you guys will be inspired to create something similar!

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