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Jewelry Making – Memory Wire

My specialty is wire wrapping, I am a free-form type of designer. However, when you make jewelry for living, you must know many other techniques. I constantly experiment and learn. I break a lot before I make something. 😊

Today I was playing with memory wire. Honestly, I use this wire mostly for hoop earrings and simple coil bracelets, beach style. My problem is that I tend to like elaborate and complicated pieces. So today I ‘complicated’ a regular cuff bracelet design to the point that I spent all my morning on it. And when I finished and was ready to go out for my daily walk, it started to rain. Then I decided to play some more with memory wire, this time a necklace…. guess what? I got stuck on that one for a few hours. So it was a Friday-creation day. Let me show you what I made.

These are the elements. I didn’t take pictures of the memory wire assemble, as it was challenging and needed my two hands all the time. I used a lot of glass faceted beads, black and purple and some cool metal skull beads.

The best part of this project is that I came out with an original buckle design, with my initials LB. I am very happy with that, I will make it in sterling and use it in the future as my signature. Cool.

And this is the necklace. I used quartz crystal chips and some additional faceted glass beads.

The photos didn’t come out so good because it was kind of dark in my studio, cloudy outside, and I never use flash.

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