Magick Crystals

Crystals and their Magick

Each type of crystal contains its own crystal energy vibration and its very own individual crystal aura. When choosing a crystal, you feel drawn to a particular one, simply because that crystal is in harmony with your own energy vibration and it has some qualities in its energy that will benefit you. Crystal healers work with this energy by feeling what an individual needs in terms of re-balancing and then choosing crystals that will help that person to heal themselves and re-achieve harmony within their emotional and physical bodies. This website will show everyone how to benefit from these beautiful gifts from nature.

When you first acquire a crystal you will need to cleanse it. Think about, the crystal must had been handled by many people before you, so you want to cleanse it of all their energies. After cleansing, it will become your own crystal for you to work with.

There are many ways you can do this, but I prefer two methods:

Method One – Hold the crystal under running water for 3 minutes. Now place the crystal somewhere in direct sunlight, such as a window, for one hour.

Method Two – Pour water into a bowl and add a handful of sea salt to the water. Place your crystal in the bowl and leave it overnight. Then remove, wash the salt off it and your crystal is ready to use again. Note of caution, never use this method for soft minerals, as they can be damaged by the salt.