mixed media art part 6
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Mixed Media Art Tutorial – Part 6

In this step we will cover the latest texture elements with gesso. Gesso is a special material that hardens the surface and prepares it for painting. This is how our canvas will look after we cover with gesso.

And here is the gesso tube that I used and also some other pastes that I bought and I will use a little later on.

I am using two different brushes, the thicker one for larger surfaces, obviously. The most challenging part is to brush-on the lace and try to make it look neat, not very wrinkly. It will stiffen in 30 minutes or so. Keep applying gesso on everything that I glued on the canvas: the beads, the silk flowers, etc.

Now let it dry for one hour or so. My studio is small, so after it dries I must hang the canvas up, til next time.

Patience, please! I will come back with more add-ons, some additional leaves, beads and maybe butterflies. After that, we will paint and finish the canvas! Stay tuned!

I posted photos of this work-in-progress on my social media, and people ask me already how much it will cost? Ha, Ha, I have no idea how it will come out, and if I ever want to sell it. It is 5 x 4 feet, not-ship-able for sure!!!

Ok… Now we’re adding the last texture elements. These elements are the bulkiest so far, therefore we need to use the glue gun. I am adding some leftovers from other projects: wooden beads flowers, some leaves and silk flowers, some strings of beads. It took me a while to look thorough my craft boxes 🙂

These butterflies will be added last. I took this photo to remind myself that I have to add them in the end.

And here is how our canvas looks at this point. I know, it is extremely colorful, but everything will be covered with gesso in the next step, so everything will be white, you will see!

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