mixed media collage part 7
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Mixed Media Canvas Collage Art Tutorial – Part 7

My canvas is still a work in progress. All the texture elements are in place, all covered up with gesso and ready to be painted. The painting process is not 1-2-3 thought. Multiple layers will create beautiful and mystic effects, at least this is what I am going after. Today I added splashes of colors, the biggest blocks. I use acrylic paints, various brushes and a spray bottle, to add water when necessary.

This is the result of today’s work. Not ready yet, ok? Be patient, few more sessions left. The trunk of the tree in the left hand side is ready.

I started with a dark brown. I mixed red, blue and yellow to make a cool purplish brown. I applied it evenly with a large flat brush. Sprayed water here and there, for better coverage.

I wanted some highlights, so I added some orange color on the textured areas, especially the beads.

Going to the left hand-side. The hair is symbolized by water, so blue it is! I use bonnet blue for the whole block, spraying occasionally for even coverage. Used different brushes for different textures.

The last step today was to put some orange on the face. More colors will come on top of this orange, but some other time, maybe this weekend.

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