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Mixed Media Collage Mother Nature – Part 3

I just did some research on ‘mixed media’, as I want to establish the right terminology for my technique. Guess what? There is no specific term. My art can be classified as a collage maybe… but an assembly too… I use so many texture elements, and sometimes the surface is almost three-dimensional. Anyways… it is a mixed media piece of art… so let’s keep going!

At this stage in our work in progress, we have the face ready contoured, the cotton cords are fully dried and we’re ready to move on adding new elements. I started by drawing with a marker. In the right hand-side I will a have a tree, with branches, leaves and flowers, and in the right side a waterfall. The bottom will feature some water creatures… I think… That’s the plan, so far.

After drawing, I glue cords and ribbons, to accentuate the lines. It doesn’t matter what color they are, I will paint everything over. All we need is some texture.

Ok, this is it for today. We must wait to dry. Overnight for sure, lots of glue here. You know the drill 🙂

Stay tuned for more blogs, this art piece is far from ready. I promise you will learn a thing or two, and maybe you will make something like this one day, it is so much fun.

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Watch Mother Nature Canvas Art Video

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