mixed media art part 8
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Mixed Media Collage Mother Nature – Part 8

This is where we left our canvas art. It is dry now and ready to receive new life. Let’s do this!

Today I will do some contouring, because we want some features to stand out. First we do the face features. I mixed some yellow, red and blue and made a nice brown color. I am applying this color on the threads I previously glued, remember?

Her blue hair symbolizes water. It is too plain, we must add some movement. I am applying some dark blue on the beads. I have a nice cobalt blue paint that will do the job. I am painting some of the lace too.

Look at the face before the cobalt blue and after. Looks good to me!

Ok, this is the end of our session today. The bottom part is done. Next time – the leaves! I will see you soon!

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