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Mother Nature Mixed Media Art – Final Result

I finished my mixed media canvas! YAY! Many of you guys were waiting for the final result, so here it is! I hope you like my Mother Nature interpretation, I surely do.

In my last post I we finished the bottom part, now we’re working on the top part, starting with the leaves. Let’s mix some green and add some color!

Ok, I painted all the leaves. I need some contours, because the green gets lost in the background, so I use black.

At this point I want to add some sort of sheen to the whole painting, as Gaia is a goddess… so I use a silver metallic paint and antique gold on various parts of the canvas.

Last step! Add two crystals for the eyes and the rest of golden butterflies. Sparkle baby!

Love her! Look at my big smile! I feel so accomplished, you have no idea!

This picture is to show off the size of the canvas. I will list it in my online shop… but the shipping will get very expensive… Hmmm… she probably wants to stay in my house, I know my daughter wants that. I will look into an art gallery or some sort of exhibit or even an art shop to display her. Art is TO BE SHARED, otherwise it’s not art!

This post is published partially on my other social media platforms, as I strongly believe that art means nothing is it is not shared. To read it on Steemit >>> Click Here

The finished canvas is available for sale in my Etsy shop, you can check it out >>> HERE

Watch Mother Nature Canvas Art Video

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