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Mother Nature Mixed Media Canvas Art – Part 1

Hi guys! Today I want to share with you my latest project: Mixed Media Canvas.

Like many other artists, I love creating a lot of things, so I play with all types of media and techniques. My main hobby is wire sculpture, but I love playing with paint too. This time I want to make something new. New year, new project!

This is what I want to do: a mixed media canvas. It will be a very interesting project for all of us. For you guys, because you will witness the amazing process of creation. For me, because I have just a vague idea of what am I about to create. All I know is that my theme is MOTHER NATURE. So… I am very curious about the outcome!!!

I bought this canvas at a liquidation sale. It is huge: 5 feet tall by 4 feet wide. It has a few cuts, but I will cover them. The canvas is pretty well made, sturdy. It came from a hotel lobby and now I am ready to re-purpose it! Here are my tools… some of them…

First things first. I want to make some texture. A mixed media means mixed materials. Unconventional art, that’s what I like! I have some stencils and some texture paste. Let’s play!

All pictures above and below are self-explanatory. The paste needs to dry completely before I apply another layer.

OK guys! Enough playing for today, unfortunately I have some other things to do. See you next time when I come back to my canvas!

This post is published partially on my other social media platforms, as I strongly believe that art means nothing is it is not shared. To read it on Steemit >>>Click Here

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