Mother Nature Canvas Art part 2
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Mother Nature Mixed Media Canvas Project – Part 2

Hi guys! Let’s keep working on our mixed media canvas project. When it comes to large sized projects that involve glue, the time frame is quite stretchy… you must be patient… you must wait for the glue to dry. Period.

So I waited for the texturizing paste to dry. Meanwhile, I drew a sketch on a large poster. My theme is Mother Nature, so a woman face is the focus of my canvas. This is how I imagine the beautiful Mother Nature.

I will use glue and hemp cord to accentuate the contours. That’s the idea of mixed media, right?

Let me first draw the face… I used a black marker… anyway it will be covered with many other layers of paints…

I want to glue the hemp cord. This way I will get a texture-effect and the face will really stand out. Finished. Looks good for now. I must be patient and let it dry overnight.

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