mixed media collage art part 4
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Mother Nature Mixed Media Collage – Part 4

Let’s move on with our canvas art or collage, to be more technical… The cords are dry, so we can safely add some more elements to increase the texture.

I decided to add some leaves to the branches. I cut some silk leaves from an artificial bouquet I bought for the dollar store. I use school glue to secure the leaves on canvas. I noticed that they don’t stick too well, so I applied some pieces of scotch tape to keep them in place.

If you guys remember, I said that on the left side I want to make a water fall or some sort of water element. Ha ha, I still don’t know what I will end up with, isn’t this fun? Sooo… I had some water creatures stick-ons handy (dollar store)… I glued them on the bottom left… cuuuute… Let them dry now!

Next phase is to cover the fabrics with gesso. This special acrylic paste will harden the surfaces and prepare them for painting. Here is my gesso tube and brushes that I used.

… soooo… let’s paint all over the cords and pieces of fabric….

This is the final result at this step. Gesso dries pretty fast, maybe 30 minutes, but I must stop, it is night already and I really don’t know what to add next. Need some inspiration and a good night sleep will do it!

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