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My Life as a Wire Artist and Jewelry Maker

This is where all begins: my little studio in Jersey City, New Jersey. I used to work mostly in the Caribbean, but after hurricanes (two years ago), I moved up here.

Art Studio

My studio is full of boxes, wires, beads, glue, tools… also dreams, many dreams. All my dreams are woven into the wire. I let my imagination go wild and I follow the wire. That’s how things come alive. It’s so much fun!

My tools

I constantly change my designs, they are never the same, that is why I always say that my pieces can not be replicated 100%. My first tree of life pendant came like this. I liked the free-form shape and the overall size. I used a rose quartz crystal, which is a symbol of love. At this moment this pendant is listed in my online store, you can take a look here: Tree of Life with Rose Quartz.

Rose Quartz Tree of Life Pendant

Then I decided to make another one with a Black Tourmaline Nugget. I love this stone because it repels bad energy and attracts good vibes. It came out in a form of a leaf. I loved it so much, so I kept it to myself. I wear it a lot!!!

Black Tourmaline Tree of Life Pendant

Back to making another one. This time it came out elongated, I thought it has a more masculine look. I had the bad idea to ask my daughter if she thinks it could be unisex. She loved it and begged me to give it to her boyfriend. I couldn’t say NO.

Rectangular Tree of Life Pendant

Ok, another one, this time fatter 🙂 I added 3 little black tourmaline beads, it came out so pretty. My daughter took it, she had to have it!!! She is a great advertising model for me, so I gladly gave it to her.

Tree of Life Pendant with Black Tourmaline Beads

I had only one Black Tourmaline Nugget left, so I was determined to make a pendant and list it in my store. So, here it comes, a combination of all previous designs. It is now listed and ready to be shipped out. Check it out HERE.

I hope you enjoyed my little story and decided to visit my shop and take a look my work. See you soon!

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