mixed media collage part 5
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My Mixed Media Canvas – Part 5

At this stage, the contours are covered with gesso, everything is glued and secured. Some people thought that our mixed media is finished, but we are only at 25%. Every mixed media canvas art includes numerous steps and incorporates various materials, that is why it is called mixed media. So be patient!

This is our canvas by the end of step 4. If you look closer, you see that we incorporated some wooden beads, some yellow silk flowers and some lace at the bottom.

Here are the beads, recycled from an old beads curtain. Glue them along the cords that outline the tree and its branches.

Here are the yellow flowers… glue each flower separately and randomly on the branches. In the featured photo of this post you can see the lace, glued at the bottom, where the sea creatures are. The lace symbolizes the water element.

Some close-ups here. This step is over now, we must wait for the glue to completely dry and overnight works best for me, as I use regular school glue. See you in the next step 🙂

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