• my dream catchers
    Dream Catchers

    My Dream Catchers

    Hello my friends! Today I want to answer a question that many of my customers ask: How big are my dream-catchers? I have full descriptions in my Etsy Shop, but I guess people do not like to read the details. So here are some photos I took recently. So… they are approximately 15″ long, 7-8″ diameter! Not those types of dream-catchers you hang on your rear-view mirror. Want to see some more designs? Visit my store >>>> HERE. PS – Want to be one of the first to find out about new designs and product releases? How about special sales? >>> Join my email list!

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    Dragon-eye Pendant with Flower

    I made a dragon eye pendant with a little flower detail, I thought I would share some pictures. I got into the habit of taking picture while pieces are still in works, everybody loves that! So, here is the pendant. I used natural copper wire, and a little flower bead, did you noticed it? The eye is hand painted on a glass cabochon. I also used 5 black tourmaline beads for added protection 🙂 … and here are some “work-in-progress” shots. I grouped them in collages, so this post doesn’t get too long. This pendant features a large bail, so it can be worn on any cord or chain. My…

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    Dream Catchers

    DreamCatcher with Purple and Yellow Feathers

    I love this color combination! Deep purple and bright yellow. I remember that a long time ago, when I was flirting with the idea of designing jewelry, I read somewhere that purple and yellow don’t go together. I was so disappointed, as I thought that they DO go together very well. I guess I was right, because big fashion houses like it too! This year’s color is purple, in all shades… and I see lots of complementing yellow shades too. That’s why I decided to make a dream catcher in these colors. Did you know? – Dreamcatcher is associated with Native American culture… – In Native American culture spiders are…

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    How to Make Simple Charms

    In this photo tutorial I will show you how to make simple charms or pendants. Here are the charms, aren’t they cute? I used rose quarts nuggets, that’s what I had handy in my jewelry supplies box today. I like rose quartz, it is the crystal of LOVE 🙂 Here is what you need: stones or crystals (or anything that can be hung, preferably top drilled) wire, I used artistic wire 22 gauge assorted pliers First steps, please follow the numbered pictures. Cut the wire, you need approx 5″ to work with. Bend the wire and wrap as shown. Last steps, please follow the pictures. Cut extra wire and continue…

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    How to Make an Eye Pendant

    In this post I will show you how to make an ORB. It is basically a cabochon eye, wrapped with wire and made it in a pendant. This is our finished piece of jewelry. What you need: – 24 gauge artistic wire (silver color copper wire) – 2″ bangle or any other already made circular frame – flush cutter and a set of pliers – eye cabochon from any craft store Step 1 – Cut 8 pieces of wire, 24″ long and fold them in half. Step 2 – Attach the wires to the bangle, using 3 loops, as shown. Try to place them symmetrically. You will have 16 pieces…