• Fish Art
    Wire Art

    Wire Art – Goldie – Fish Wire Sculpture 3D

    I love being by the ocean, therefore marine life is a big inspiration for me. This is the largest golden fish I made. Obviously, she is a girl, and I named her Goldie. She is approx. 24″ long, fully three dimensional. At this moment she is displayed in a private medical office specialized in hearing aids. This is where Goldie’s new owner works. I am very happy that people with hearing problems can admire her and, maybe Goldie can fulfill their wishes… besides all, that’s what a gold fish is supposed to do. Please look closer… she is made with steel wire and lots of aquamarine quartz crystals adorn her.…

  • Gaia
    Wire Art

    Wire Art – Mother Nature Wall Decor

    One of my first large wall decors, Mother Nature, wire sculpture with beads and fabric. Dimensions, approx. 22″ x 22″. Sold in 2016, the collector became a close friend, we share the same birthday and she definitely gets me! Here are just a few stages before the piece was ready. Lots of love got into it 🙂 Back to Magick Crystals    

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    Dream Catchers,  Tutorials

    Tutorial – How to make a wire Dream Catcher

    I will show you how to make a cute dream catcher by using wires, no threads, no glue. This is the dream catcher we are making, isn’t it adorable? These are the items you need: hard wire 12 gauge soft wire 24 gauge assorted wooden beads feathers pliers and cutter I will not be very specific on the beads and feathers, as you can use any colors and styles you want. The purpose of this tutorial is to show you another way to make dream catchers, other than the traditional thread-and-glue technique. STEP 1 Make the frame. My frame is 6″ diameter. Slide your beads of choice on the hard…

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    Seaglass,  Tutorials

    Tutorial – Sea-glass Wire Wrapped Pendant

    In this tutorial I will show you how to make a sea-glass pendant using wire. This method will work for any un-drilled stone, any shape, and it will always come out good, trust me. All you need is to pre-made the wire wrapping, and you will learn how to do this right here, right now. Here is the sea-glass pendant that I made. Materials: a piece of seaglass, wire, pliers and cutters. I used a dark green piece of sea-glass from Nova Scotia and brass wire 22 gauge. First steps are to cut the wire and prepare the wrapping. You need to cut two pieces of wire, approx. 3 times…

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    Tree of Life,  Tutorials

    Tutorial – How To Make a Rose Quartz Tree of Life Pendant

    I will show you how to make a Rose Quartz Tree of Life pendant in 10 steps. This is our finished piece of jewelry. The materials that you need: rose quartz chips (sold in strings) artistic wire 24 gauge (silver colored copper) a fashion bangle 2.5″ diameter (sold in dollar stores) a cutter and a pair of pliers. Step 1 – Cut the wire. You need 10 pieces, each piece must be 20 inches long. Fold the wire in half, as below. Step 2 – Wrap the wires. One by one, wrap each wire twice on the bangle (2 loops), at the middle point. Make it neat, be nice with…