Soda can recycled art
Recycled Art

Recycled Soda Can Art – Lizards and Iguanas

Iguanas are large lizards. They are mostly herbivorous and they love ripened fruit and leafy green plants.

Did you know? Iguanas can see very well and they communicate with other iguanas through rapid eye movements. Looks like they have some sort of eye-code, how awesome is that?

When I moved to St. Thomas, in 2007, I was terrified by them. Hundreds and hundreds… all over the place..

… on the street

… by the cruise ships dock

… on the beach

Look at this one… at the wedding bungalow at Mariott…

… and they don’t move! Everybody is saying they are stupid, I don’t think so… they don’t move when they see people or objects moving around them because they are probably scared. So many iguanas on the roads get ran over by careless drivers, especially tourists. The locals know that they must stop their cars and let those iguana cross… and they can surely take their time!

Anyway, what I wanted to bring out is the awareness that iguanas are already threatened with extinction, unless we, people, take some action to protect them. Large-scale hunting and egg-collecting threaten wild iguana populations. Soon there may not be any iguanas left in the wild.

And these are some of my recycled soda can art creations inspired by lizards and iguanas. I used Aluminum foil from soda cans. I hope you like them, as much as I loved making them.

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