Spider Magic Amulet Pendant

spider amulet

The spider is a popular amulet to bring good luck, money and prosperity in general. It grants wishes to achieve your goals and offers strong protection to defeat your enemy. As the spider attracts its prey in the web, so this pendant will attract money to you!

Like many other beliefs centered in animal lore, the good luck attached to the spider has diminished during this century, mostly because of urbanization. Still, some money-magic does yet adhere to the spider. A perfect example is the tiny black spider called “money spider”. In many cultures, if this spider walks on you, it will bring money in your path.

The pendant is made with silver colored copper wire, beads and a Tibetan Silver slide. (Tibetan Silver is a zinc based alloy, hypo-allergenic and tarnish resistant). I provide a silicone cord, but you can use any cord or chain, as the frame is basically a slide with large openings. The size of the pendant is 3″ and the spider’s long legs rise about 1″.

Sale $29 plus $3 shipping within USA. I accept PayPal on this website, and credit cards in my online shop.

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spider amulet



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