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    Dream Catchers

    My Dream Catchers

    Hello my friends! Today I want to answer a question that many of my customers ask: How big are my dream-catchers? I have full descriptions in my Etsy Shop, but I guess people do not like to read the details. So here are some photos I took recently. So… they are approximately 15″ long, 7-8″ diameter! Not those types of dream-catchers you hang on your rear-view mirror. Want to see some more designs? Visit my store >>>> HERE. PS – Want to be one of the first to find out about new designs and product releases? How about special sales? >>> Join my email list!

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    Dream Catchers

    DreamCatcher with Purple and Yellow Feathers

    I love this color combination! Deep purple and bright yellow. I remember that a long time ago, when I was flirting with the idea of designing jewelry, I read somewhere that purple and yellow don’t go together. I was so disappointed, as I thought that they DO go together very well. I guess I was right, because big fashion houses like it too! This year’s color is purple, in all shades… and I see lots of complementing yellow shades too. That’s why I decided to make a dream catcher in these colors. Did you know? – Dreamcatcher is associated with Native American culture… – In Native American culture spiders are…

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    Tutorial – How to make a wire Dream Catcher

    I will show you how to make a cute dream catcher by using wires, no threads, no glue. This is the dream catcher we are making, isn’t it adorable? These are the items you need: hard wire 12 gauge soft wire 24 gauge assorted wooden beads feathers pliers and cutter I will not be very specific on the beads and feathers, as you can use any colors and styles you want. The purpose of this tutorial is to show you another way to make dream catchers, other than the traditional thread-and-glue technique. STEP 1 Make the frame. My frame is 6″ diameter. Slide your beads of choice on the hard…