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    Dream Catchers

    My Dream Catchers

    Hello my friends! Today I want to answer a question that many of my customers ask: How big are my dream-catchers? I have full descriptions in my Etsy Shop, but I guess people do not like to read the details. So here are some photos I took recently. So… they are approximately 15″ long, 7-8″ diameter! Not those types of dream-catchers you hang on your rear-view mirror. Want to see some more designs? Visit my store >>>> HERE. PS – Want to be one of the first to find out about new designs and product releases? How about special sales? >>> Join my email list!

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    Dream Catchers

    DreamCatcher with Purple and Yellow Feathers

    I love this color combination! Deep purple and bright yellow. I remember that a long time ago, when I was flirting with the idea of designing jewelry, I read somewhere that purple and yellow don’t go together. I was so disappointed, as I thought that they DO go together very well. I guess I was right, because big fashion houses like it too! This year’s color is purple, in all shades… and I see lots of complementing yellow shades too. That’s why I decided to make a dream catcher in these colors. Did you know? – Dreamcatcher is associated with Native American culture… – In Native American culture spiders are…