• recycled wire art
    Recycled Art,  Wire Art

    Recycle Metal Art & Steampunk Sculptures

    I came across some photos that I took in New York City, in Bryant Park, Winter Village, in Nov. 2018. Here is a part of the post I wrote in a blog at that time, on Steemit.com platform, one of my favorite blogging platforms. Winter Village this year is filled with charming little shops that sell all kind of things, one more interesting than another. Tourists and non-tourists pass by and shop every day, all day long. The most interesting shop for me is the Metal Park shop. That is because I am a wire sculpture artist myself. I am not the only curious one, people are lining up to…

  • Soda can recycled art
    Recycled Art

    Recycled Soda Can Art – Lizards and Iguanas

    Iguanas are large lizards. They are mostly herbivorous and they love ripened fruit and leafy green plants. Did you know? Iguanas can see very well and they communicate with other iguanas through rapid eye movements. Looks like they have some sort of eye-code, how awesome is that? When I moved to St. Thomas, in 2007, I was terrified by them. Hundreds and hundreds… all over the place.. … on the street … by the cruise ships dock … on the beach Look at this one… at the wedding bungalow at Mariott… … and they don’t move! Everybody is saying they are stupid, I don’t think so… they don’t move when…