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Wire Art

Wire Art – Fish Ornaments

Water is my element. Besides all, I was born in Cancer Horoscope, so it makes sense. 🙂
I am naturally inclined to arts and obviously inspired by water. The result is that Marine life totally fascinates me. Although I am not brave enough to snorkel and observe life in person, my imagination goes wild ALL THE TIME.

I created many figurines like mermaids, fish, octopus, jelly fish, turtles… you name it. People hang them by the curtain rods, ceiling fans, lamps or even in Christmas Trees.

In this post I would like to show off some of my fish ornaments.

This is my interpretation of Nemo, approx. 12″ long. I used wire and seed beads (hundreds, if not thousands).

Nemo Wire Art

This cutie is Spikey. There are many lion fish specimens in Caribbean waters, that’s my inspiration.


And these little golden creatures are having a party 🙂

fish party

Hope you liked my creations. We call them Mobile Ornaments here, in US. They look awesome by the windows!


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