wire art lion fish
Wire Art

Wire Art – Lionfish

I’ve been asked recently about my Lionfish Mobile Ornament source of inspiration.



Here is the story:

Lionfish is a destructive fish. It has poisonous fins, it hurts badly if it stings, it eats other fish and their eggs, especially lobster eggs, so it is a threat for the environment if spread out of control.

I once saw one Lionfish caught in a fisherman’s net in St. Thomas, USVI. I did not have a camera handy to take pics. But my brain certainly photographed the creature. It was as big as my fist, with long, beautiful, colorful fins. It was moving like crazy. My feelings were so strong, I was looking at a rebel 🙂 I immediately associated the Lionfish image with a punk teenager, angry at the whole world.

That image stayed in my head for a while. I stored it naturally. And one day I made her with seed beads and wire.

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