wire art palm tree
Wire Art

Wire Art – Palm Tree Wall Decor

palm tree wire art

Wall Decor, 18″ x 24″ x 2″. As per these dimensions, you can see that this is a not a flat piece, it raises about 2″ from the surface. It is very hard to take a good picture of it, I tried with two different backgrounds, still doesn’t make justice. 🙂

Anyway… like any other artist out there, I am inspired by Mother Nature. Palm trees always fascinated me. Here is a beautiful photo of a majestic palm-tree I took in the Caribbean.

palm tree

… let’s go back to my wire art 🙂

My wire palm tree is a very happy tree. This is the message I am sending through this piece of art: happiness. My palm tree is dancing! Dance is a form of happiness, don’t you agree? Look how the bottom branches touch the trunk of the tree. It is a dancer pose! The tree is sliding its trunk to the left and to the right, like a belly dancer!

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