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Wire Art

Wire Art – Rasta Woman Wall Decor

When I lived in St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands, I was surrounded by beautiful people with long dreadlocks. Most of them were practicing Rastafarianism, which is a strong religion in the Caribbean. I made a lot of friends and of course I got inspired by them. This wall decor is my interpretation of Dorothy, a beautiful, witty and very courageous women, whom I had the pleasure to meet there.

rasta woman

Dimensions 18″x22″. I used galvanized wire and a few wooden beads, to emphasize the Rastafarian liberation colors. I started with a frame, again free form, I never draw anything on the paper! I let the wire talk to me 🙂 Then I filled in with thinner gauge wire. Here are some more detailed pictures.

work in progress

So… let me tell you the story…

This piece was made in St. Thomas. 100%. I took it with me in New Jersey and displayed it in my gallery here. I also advertise my art pieces online. The funny part of this story is that this piece was purchased ONLINE by an art collector who lives in St. Thomas! How weird is that? Or maybe how cool is that? My Rasta Woman went back home! St. Thomas IS her home. What do you guys think?????

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