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Wooden Beads Galore!

I love to work with wooden beads. I buy wholesale wooden beads from a supplier who is telling me that they are echo-friendly, made from fast growing, planted trees. Also, they are painted with natural dyes.

My imagination is always at work. Besides making lots of jewelry with these beautiful and colorful beads, I make wall decor and dream-catchers.

Below are some of my creations.

Wooden beads jewelry are very popular in the Caribbean, where everybody hangs out at the beach. Light weight and comfortable, they add glamour to any outfit.

This is a large wall decor, mix media: wooden beads, crystals, fabric and of course, wire, my friend!

… and some dream-catchers, mixed media: wooden beads, cord, wire, feathers.

purple dream catcher

Hope you like my beaded creations!

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